Mr. Blunt and Cranky never enjoys encountering spoiled brats, or the parents responsible for their spoiling. Whiny, demanding, hateful, vicious, cruel, greedy, and loud are just some of the negative characteristics this writer finds to be most disagreeable. And the older they get, the worse it gets.

Sometimes, people can spoil themselves in spite of their family’s best efforts. These self-spoiled kids are no better to be around, but at least one can have sympathy for their parents. Other times, people grow up, get a taste of the good life and THEN start spoiling themselves. These are the worst of all spoiled brats, these narcissistic turds, because they often are able to accrete power and influence over others.

Today’s example:  in which Queen Ann shows a sense of entitlement that would have made Henry VIII cringe in disgust. Both she and her little subbie-boy hubbie act as though they should somehow be insulated from anything but comfort and pleasantries, surrounded by a light, fluffy, sparkly existence. And when reality intrudes on their dreamscape, these two show their nasty sides; nasty sides that are truly ugly and scary.

The “Republican” party frequently complains about “entitlements”, and people who think are “entitled” to things. What they mean are people who want their tax dollars to provide some benefit to themselves or their communities, instead of going to line the pockets of special interests and corrupt legislators.

This writer suggests that there is another part of the populace, possessed of a sense of entitlement, who are far more insidious and detrimental to our society: an emerging “ruling class” of people like the Romneys who act as though they are above criticism; above the law; and entitled to anything they want, just because they want it. And if we look at the past few decades during which this subculture has arisen, we can see that it is our government that has been doing at least part the “spoiling”.

These spoiled brats do not deserve to run our country, not least because they are not representative of it. Even if that does not bother you, it would still be well to vote against these little rodents. Otherwise, we’ll have to put up with their tantrums and screeching for at least four years –  kind of like being stuck in a McDonald’s playland full of spoiled brats during a birthday party, and not being able to leave.

The horror. The horror.

MR. B & C