Think about it: he attacks anyone who fails to kiss his cowardly, crap-covered ass; he constantly degrades women and then lies about having done so; he incites violence against our President and is virulently racist (note: these two items are very much of a piece) ; he is a pedophile who preaches family values; and he is a cowardly chickenhawk who supports other people serving in the military but failed to do so himself.

Pretty much the GOP in a nutshell, isn’t it? Racist, woman-hating, cowardly, big-talking, hypocritical, perverted crooks. Yep. That’s them.

The GOP logo needs updated: an Elephant with Nooj’s face superimposed on its arse. Perhaps one of you graphically inclined readers could put one together? It would be an important public service, after all.


Mr. Blunt and Cranky