Recently, your humble correspondent wrote a Get Out The Vote blog post, as he is ofttimes wont to do. The responses from across the Intertubez ranged from “hell yeah” to “meh”, with the “meh” contingent far outnumbering the active supporters of our constitutional rights. Things like “the 1% are the only people who can get elected, so why bother?”

This is regrettably not uncommon. People have become so accustomed to being rolled over by The Man, they assume that nothing can be done to stop it. Which, of course, is what oppressors WANT. Derp.

Gentle Reader, almost nothing is impossible. Very little is inevitable. Many things are difficult, but that is no reason to just lay down and give up. The plutocrats and oligarchs who have seized control of our government are counting on our giving up.

And that alone is reason enough to keep waving our “digital salutes” at the lot of them, to remain active, and to never give up fighting for the country that is ours.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky