We hear it all the time: no matter the issue, be it climate change, contraception, or even basic mathematics, far too many Politicos act as though their “faith” somehow equates to facts. Bull-f***ing-s***.

All the faith in the world does not make the Pill an abortion-inducing drug. It isn’t, and there is good science to prove that it isn’t. All the misapplied scriptural citations do not make climate change a hoax: again, science proves it isn’t.

And all the voodoo in America cannot make supply-side economics valid. It isn’t, wasn’t, and won’t be. All the data says it doesn’t f***ing work.

The Establishment Clause specifically rules out religion in our government. Period. So using “faith” as a policy tool isn’t just idiotic: it’s illegal.

So let’s make the penalty for the crime be de-election. Kick those fools out of their cushy jobs and let ’em try that faith scam in the real world once or twice. See how their “faith” is rewarded.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

(Note: Faith is a wonderful thing when used where appropriate. Church, for instance.)