When you hang a Confederate battle flag and nooses in front of your house, you are a racist. Period. Don’t lie about it, please, because nobody is stupid enough to believe you.

A Michigan tree trimmer and one of his employees set up a display featuring a Confederate flag and a pair of nooses – and they don’t care about neighbor complaints. Neighbors complained about the display outside Robert Tomanovich’s home in Livonia, where he hung a noose from a tree and a Confederate flag, printed with the slogan “I ain’t coming down,” on a fence,reported WXYZ-TV.

After the complaints, a second noose was hung from a tree outside a second home Tomanovich owns down the street and used for his business, Robert’s Discount Tree Service.

Tomanovich fled inside his home when a WXYZ-TV reporter asked him for comment, but one of his employees admitted to hanging the second noose in response to the neighbor complaints.

“I love it,” said the employee, who displayed a Confederate flag license plate on his work pickup truck. “Screw ‘em.” The employee, who declined to give his name, said he and his boss would not take down the flag or nooses.

“Hell, no,” he said. “We’re going to put up more.”

Tomanovich’s wife, Lindy, said the display was not intended to be racist.
She claimed her husband’s family is from the south and they simply like the way the Confederate flag looks.

Maybe Ms. Tomanovich is stupid enough to believe her own stupid words. Unlikely, but possible.

But even if that were the case, nobody else is gonna buy that hogwash. Yo, Bobby and Lindy: you are a pair of racists, as is your employee. Just admit it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky