Just a short post this morning to lug a brick upside the heads of those sneering at Bruce Jenner and his announcement of his Trans journey to womanhood. Apparently, some people think it’s a PR stunt, a money-making scam, or a bizarre way to weasel out of a traffic ticket. Really, America? No, seriously, really?

People really think that someone would trade the coveted legal and socioeconomic status of a wealthy white male for the discrimination suffered by those in the LGBT community?

People really think Jenner is throwing his primary marketing asset (a masculine Olympian image) away, after having made millions from it over the past 39 years?

People really think it’s a stunt to subject one’s self to the hormones, surgeries and manifold other tortures that it takes to physically transform from one gender to another?

C’mon. Wake the f***ing f*** up. This writer knows a few Trans individuals, and can tell you they have a tough row to hoe. Everything from A to Z changes and it is a lifetime struggle. Nobody does it lightly. It is done because the person involved sees no other choice if they are to live a fulfilling life.

Really, this writer is flummoxed only by Jenner’s continued adherence to the conservative “Republican” part of his identity. But that’s humans for you: complex beasties, we are. Good on Jenner, and may his many critics either shut the f*** up, wake the f*** up, or both.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky