Start here by reading the link: what a sexist, stupid a**hole is Royal Mayo, past president and current board member of the Steubenville branch of the NAACP.

Mr. Royal “A**hole” Mayo calls the girl his friend was convicted of raping “drunk and willing” and says the crimes committed upon her were her own fault. He is firmly convinced that his friend, the convicted criminal and registered sex offender Mr. Richmond, is innocent.

He also claims that other guilty parties got away with crimes. This might be true, and is being investigated as we speak, as are other allegations of cover -ups and corruption. These points are legitimate, and should be raised. Had this sexist fool stopped there, he would have been an admirable example of a civil rights crusader.

But he didn’t stop there. He committed the cardinal sin of civil rights: by slandering the innocent victim of a crime, he is trying to get rights for his friend by taking away the rights of someone else. Someone else, by the bye, that his buddy raped.

Here’s hoping the NAACP boots him off the board. If they don’t, they are agreeing with him. And it would be a sad thing to see that organization supporting one of their officers spouting the same sort of hateful rhetoric against women that they object to when it is used against people of color.

Mr. B & C

Here is a Facebook page for Royal Mayo: tell him what you think