With the “Hillary Email Scandal”, American “news” media didn’t just screw the pooch: they screwed it, blued it and tattooed it. And since so many people dislike Bubba and Hillary, the bulls*** lies about her email got swallowed hook line and sinker by their detractors on the Left and the Right.

And even though the story has been proven false, the Clinton Hate Club is still acting as if it were true. Truly bipartisan idiocy on display, folks. Even though:
      No laws were broken.
      No rules were violated.
Even with that,  since it’s associated with a f***ing Clinton, OMGOMGOMG!!!!! There’s smoke, there must be fire! Let’s all freak out and pretend something bad happened!!!!!

Christ on a Clenis. Anybody remember Whitewater? Same thing happened then: a load of bulls*** was chucked about by various “Republicans”, and the media picked it up and ran with it. And when, in the end, all that came of it (pun intended) was oral sex and cigar fetishes, did anyone offer mea culpas? Was anything learned by the Punditocracy and the fools who listened to them?

Oh, Hell no, of course not. Lots of jackasses STILL think the Clintons were crooks instead of what they were: a dysfunctional couple composed of a idiot savant horndog politico and an overly-forgiving spouse.

In the end, Gentle Reader, Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS) stems from three things that waaaaay too many of us buy into:

Number A: Bill Clinton was trailer trash who made it to the White House. Instead of praising him for that rags-to-riches achievement, people still treat him like some lazy-a**ed meth lab operator. Because of his humble origins. (In Lincoln’s time, such a rise from adversity would have been treated as an asset.)

Letter 2: Hillary Clinton is a tough, powerful lawyer who has had her own significant achievements. Achievements in both her  professional and personal lives. Waaaay too many Americans still think she should have stayed in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. “Cookies”, ferchrissakes.

Thirdly: They are neither perfect nor are they Repubs.

One final note: During Whitewater, Liberals were smart enough to see that the whole thing was a crock of s*** dreamed up by pathetic, criminal Right Wingnuts trying to kneecap  two leaders of the Democratic party. This time around, eedjits from the Right AND from the Left are piling on the crazy train, spreading the phony “Clinton Trust” canard far and wide.

This writer used to think we couldn’t get any dumber than we were in the Lewinsky era. USED to think that. CDS Act Two  has proven otherwise.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky