“Speech” is the latest extraconstitutional workaround for anything illegal that Repubs want to get away with. Citizens United is the most egregious example: by defining money as “speech”, the Roberts Court removed almost every restriction against political spending, AKA bribery. It also means that those people with more money have more “free” speech.

See how it works? By sneaking something odious and corrupt under the protection of the First Amendment, Teapublicans make said odious thing almost impossible to control or even keep track of. That is how the criminal enterprise known as the GOP rolls.

So this morning, Mr. B & C was driving to The Place That Pays Him To Go There, and heard a Babtist preacher on the radio further attempt to add discriminatory practices against LGBTQ citizens to the list of activities  protected by the First Amendment. Specifically: he claimed that a cake was “speech”.

Again: Teavangelicals want wedding cakes classed as speech. Christ on a Kitchen Aid. This is ridiculous, but sadly not all that unusual. The Babtist Boyo says that a baker (or pizza maker, florist, etc.) is providing speech via their pastries and such. Thus it would be a violation of a baker’s free speech rights to have to bake a cake for a gay person. Seriously, he says that. Click the link and listen for yourself.

Teapublicans clearly wouldn’t know “speech” if it bit them on their wedding tackle. But then, they don’t really care about our Constitutional rights: they want to overthrow our current system of government and replace it with a theocracy. And this is just another step on their way to that goal. Anyone other than White male Teavangelicals is at risk.

Vote the “Republicans” out. All of them. And that soon.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky