And the “news” media is, as usual, ignoring his criminal status. Larry Klanman  Klayman is an adjudicated, documented,  child molester and advocate for a violent coup against our nation. These facts are not in dispute. The man is a pedophiliac insurrectionist.

So when a traitorous pervert criticizes HRC for doing completely legal things with her email, one would think media outlets would ignore him. After all, what validity does Larry Klanman Klayman’s opinion have? “None” you would say, and you’d be right.

So why give the loathsome preeve airtime? Maybe it’s because most of our “news” media is owned by his fellow Teapublicans.  So anything  that bashes Dems, they’ll happily endorse. No matter who does the bashing. No matter if it’s a pack of lies.

Larry Klanman Klayman did horribly illegal things to his own children. Hillary did perfectly legal things to her own email. But the Infotainment Industry ignores his crimes and pretends that she is a criminal.

And people wonder why so many Americans are so ill-informed. Christ on a Teabag.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky