Now we know why JobsOhio has fought to keep itself secret. Turns out that most of its board members were on the take. The Dayton Daily News lays it all out: people taking taxpayer money, hiding it, and then pushing it into their own pockets.

You might remember all the times Little Johnnie tried to make things secret: his own inauguration, his staffs’ resumes, and many more. But he has fought hardest to keep JobsOhio under wraps.

You see, Kasich and Ko. destroyed a state agency and created a secret private company to steal our tax dollars “do its job more efficiently”. And when the state auditor tried to find out where our tax dollars had gone, his cronies in the legislature made it illegal to audit JobsOhio.

When someone keeps secrets, we always wonder what they are hiding. Now we know what these Ohio “Republicans” were trying to cover up: corruption, theft, and lies.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky