Mr. Blunt and Cranky doesn’t shock easily. But John Boehner managed to pull it off last night.

As you may know, the House was in session to pass a tax bill. There was also a Hurricane Sandy Relief bill waiting for the House “Republicans” to take action. This bill will help keep people from dying in the streets, keep the power on, fix stuff that Sandy destroyed…a pretty damned important bill, you’ll agree. So important, the Senate busted arse to get it to the House in time to be acted upon.

But it was not important to the Repubs that run the House. Turning a deaf ear to members of their own party, they split the scene and showed every intention of letting the bill die; thus guaranteeing the suffering of the innocents for months longer.

That, friendly readers, is how much the Boehner Brigade and the Teabaggers care about the citizens they are sworn to serve. The misery, hunger, and possible deaths of American citizens are not a good enough reason to spend another hour in a comfortable room and cast one little vote.

No, you are not at all important to these people. And if you are EVER fool enough to vote for any of the House “Republicans” again, then you are agreeing with them, and screwing your neighbors as well.

Remember this day when you go to vote in 2014. Remember it well, because Little Johnny and Company are hoping that you won’t,

Mr. B & C