In 2001, we had an incompetent and illegitimate “President”, whose arrogance and sense of entitlement was a big reason for the fact that he stupidly ignored the advice of every single expert and allowed 9/11/ to happen. He then lied us into a stupid war with Iraq, crapped all over the Constitution, and bankrupted the nation. Oh, and Bush the Dumber ignored the will of the people.

Today we have a President, twice elected by a clear majority of voters, who has made a good start at cleaning up the messes left behind by the Bushistas. He is moving us back towards Constitutional law, has started to reduce the deficit, brought tens of thousands of American soldiers home, killed the man responsible for 9/11, and generally acted like a, well, legitimate President. All the while receiving little or no appreciation from much of anybody on the Left, Right, or in the Center.

And last night he proved that he DOES listen to vox populi, when he asked Congress to wait to vote on authorization to bomb Syria. The people are against it. He listened. Now he is looking for new options instead of flipping 300 million of us the bird and merrily marching off to war (as the Shrub did).

The best way to honor those who died on this day in 2001 is to show that we have learned the lessons from that horrible tragedy. Obama,  like him or not, (and this writer doesn’t much like the man) is doing just that. Credit where it’s due; so thanks, Mister President. It’s nice to have a grownup at 1600 again.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky