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We all remember the s*** that was spewed about rape by Akin, Mourdock, Limbaugh, et. al. How women are sluts, how they “rape easy”, and how some rapes are “legitimate” and some are not rape at all. Much condemnation was heaped upon their heads, and deservedly so.

But our words and actions have consequences, and on Wednesday we saw a truly revolting example of what lessons are taught to our children by our “leaders”. Anonymous (not typically on Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s good-guy list) released a video of teens laughing and glorifying a gang rape: Steubenville Rape Jokes

Let’s put it bluntly: these kids see the adults who run the country either promoting such attitudes or standing idly by whole others do. And they learn from the examples that our “leaders” set. And having seen that our leaders think rape is either OK or a big joke, they follow the examples that have been set for them.

Much shame is being showered upon the dolt in the video and the insufficiently-prosecuted rapists who committed the revolting crime of gang raping an unconscious girl. This writer wholly approves of this public shaming and hopes it teaches the scum a lesson.

But the “leaders” who told those kids that rape was no big deal? As is usually the case, there is no accountability or responsibility for these people. The wealthy, influential and powerful are not subject to the same laws as we little people.

It is time for grownups to act like grownups: regardless of our station or circumstance, we are (like it or not) role models for young people. And they will follow our lead. Even if it is on a path towards disgusting, criminal, or sociopathic behavior.

Watch the video. After you are done vomiting, remember the words of the “Republicans” who told these kids that rape is OK. Then do what you can to give our children some better role models. Maybe the next teenaged girl who passes out will get help from her classmates instead of being brutally raped by them, and mocked afterwards.

Mr. B & C

During this week’s election, the electorate’s centrist majority whupped a lot of ass upon the Radical Right. Mr. Blunt and Cranky was quite pleased to see how many of these teabagging nimrods received their walking papers: he was not pleased (though also not surprised) that the “Republican” leadership is determined to live in denial. Thus, the ever-so-gentle title of today’s post.

Listening to Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell’s comments (let’s not even think of the rantings of others like lil’ Donnie Trump) over the past day or so, it is plain that they still think that the Radical Right has the blessing of the majority of Americans: never mind that many of the Tea Party’s poster children went down like the Hindenburg yesterday. Never mind that the billions of dollars’ worth of dark money they spent to buy elections made not bit of difference. Never mind that their frantic efforts to suppress the vote had all the effect of a snail’s fart in a tornado.

No, regardless of the facts on the ground and what they signify, there are entirely too many of these zeebs who still think that today is the first Wednesday of November 2010. News flash: it is 2012, and the Right today must acknowledge that fact. But the Radical Right is unwilling to see the will of the people for what it is: a repudiation of partisan zealotry and excess.

The candidates that lost were, in the main, those that were perceived as having ties to the Tea Party, Social Darwinism, the 1%, pick the term you like. For the “Republicans” to deny this is to seal their doom. They need to climb out of their comfy little bubble and look at this basic fact: the more extreme they get, the more often they get kicked in the wedding tackle.

The Dems, on the other hand, have moved to the middle and scored some big wins.  The Teabag-slurping Repubs must wake up, search their souls, learn from the ass-whupping they endured this year and likewise move towards the center; not continue to move farther towards the fringe. If they can do that, they can win elections and gain the power they lust for. If not, well, pleasant dreams to them as they sleep their way past the end of their brief period of relevance.

Mr. B & C

No, that is not a typo. It is not a joke. It is the consequence of the increasingly common “Republican” policy requiring rape victims  to bear their abuser’s children (20,000 +  such pregnancies each year): in 31 states, rapists may file for and get visitation rights to see the children they ‘”fathered”.

Hey, people, listen the f*** up: that means every week, for nearly 20 years, a woman would have to hand her child over to a sex offender – the same one that raped her, at that.  And if you support anti-abortion laws that require rape victims to bear the children of rape, then you support the rights of sex offenders over the rights of law-abiding women and children.Period.End of story.

So, how do you feel about your nose-in-the-air, holier-than-thou anti-choice attitudes now, boyo?

Mr. B & C

Recently, Richard Mourdock  (R-Pedophiliaville) claimed that babies conceived as a result of rape were part of God’s plan, AKA the will of God. So rape away, boyo, saith St. Mourdock – your vile, heinous, despicable crimes are pre-ordained and sanctioned by the Father, Son and Holy Ghost – if they result in unborn children, that is. Who knew that rape was such a holy and Godly activity?

Not that he’s the only idiot out there making such revolting claims: Rick Santorum said something similar, and Paul Ryan supports mandatory child-visitation rights for rapists who impregnate their victims.  Note, by the bye, that it’s pretty much always “Christian Republicans” who spout these God-is-pro-crime ideas, and they are not unique amongst their ilk – quite a few of them hold such views. (Click Here to see a small sampling: )

It’s fashionable once again (as it was in the Dark Ages) to claim that everything is “God’s will”, especially if you don’t like something, you’re too lazy to stand up and solve a problem, or if calling something “His plan” scores you political points. The notion that we are merely meat puppets dangling on invisible strings can be a comfort to those individuals who are so craven as to not take responsibility for their actions, or the consequences thereof.

These wimpy, corrupt, slimy heaps of donkey bollocks must have forgotten that, according to Scripture, our actions carry consequences that may be dealt with in this life and the next (how could that be if they were God’s will?). They also mistake capability for action: in other words, they don’t seem to suss that just because God is omnipotent, that doesn’t mean he always USES all of his power.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has daughters and a granddaughter. Anybody: “Republican”, Christian or otherwise, who thinks God wants them raped; well, this writer doesn’t know if God wants him to cut off your wedding tackle and cram it down your throat, and he doesn’t much care; because he’ll do it anyway, and take the heat for his actions. God would not be blamed, because this human would have chosen to do them of his own volition. Just like the f***ing criminal pervert scumball did.

We have free will and power of our own: so grow up and stop blaming God for the awful things humans do, you right-wing Fundagelical wussies.

Mr. B & C